Anonymous asked: Dude u haven't been on here in forever do u need a co owner or something?


azuluh asked: Hey I'm Katie and I own the other Badly Drawn Blog. (badlydrawnpj) I only recently found out that there were two blogs. Since I believe I made mine after yours, I wanted to apologize. I didn't know there was already a blog out there. I'm sorry about that, I promise that I was not trying to copy your ideas at all. Thanks!

aha its fine dude i dont really care

Anonymous asked: New fave blog



(sorry for the bad quality of the photo, bleh, i’m not a graphic maker)

Okay, so here’s how it works, if your url is italicized, it means i respect you a lot and love everything you do and stuff, if your url is bolded, it means we’ve talked, and if your url is both, it means we’ve talked and i love you, okay:

A-E: askchibihazel, ask-the-son-of-the-dead, askchibipercy, ask-nicodiangelo, askoctaviandiva, argo2sims, andythelemon, badlydrawnpjo, burstinglight, cabinfabulous, chasexjackson, coachgleesonhedge, demigodishconfessions

F-J:firelordleo, full-minata, juliajm15

K-O: keepfeedingthebears, kingburu, kool-aidvampire, kanechroniclesheadcanons, lilyfaye11, letterstopercyjackson, olympianart, of-course-she-had-a-belly-button,octaviandiva, oliviahastingsholt, olympiandemigods

P-T: percy-sassy, panfans, percyjackson, paper-crane, pjandtheolympians, princesse-soupir, pjseaweedbrain, pjoconversations, queenreyna, ruinedhipsterposts, romangod, romanizing, rrriordan, simsgonewrong, saamtemple, slytherinmetalhead, thekanechronicles, thedemigodoracle, tangled-mess911

U-Z:viria, wannabeth, whywelovepjoandhoo

Okay, that’s it, I love you all!!!!

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Matchbox Twenty-How Far We’ve Come (click here if the song doens’t play for any reason)

I did it. big thing.I did it and I am so so so prouudddddd uvu

guys, there’s a small warning..I think I went a bit masochistic on this one, so don’t blame me for all of my worst possible scenarios ; well one at least.

hope you’ll like it!:33

the end.

*everyone who is not in Percy Jackson fandom and had to scroll down all the way through your dashboard because of this I am sorry*

this was gonna be my sidebar but it was too big (hey im open again so shoot)

im s;o rry 

happy birthday tho




i just want someone to draw a paul/percy hug



you’re welcome

aw man im late 

percyjacqson asked: nice blog! i love your drawing :D